Remote charging of electric devices coming soon


It seems that charging electric devices is just part of our lives now. But it could get a lot easier in the very near future. is one company that has a device that can recharge a smartphone from several feet away, using magnetic induction. The Watertown, Mass., company is also developing the technology for electric cars and implanted medical equipment.

The hope is that one day this remote charging functionality will just be built right into electric devices of all kinds, without needing a standalone unit to get the job done. Just put your devices near the power source and bam! — it charges itself!

Boy, am I looking forward to that. My Nissan Leaf is an all-electric car that’s something of pain to charge every day. On the cell phone front, my daughter is obsessed with making sure nothing is plugged in at night. So it’s not uncommon that I go to bed and wake up to find my Android smart phone is dead because she unplugged it before it fully charged!

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