This new cell phone plan can replace your home internet service

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Ever since Verizon introduced an unlimited data plan, the major cell phone companies have been trying to sweeten their deals to get customers to switch.

And so far, this ongoing war among wireless providers has meant better plan options for you!

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How to stop paying for home internet service

For example, unlimited plans from Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T offer 10 GB of high-speed mobile hotspot data per month, a feature that lets you share your phone’s network connection with other devices.

In other words, you can use your phone’s internet connection to stream TV shows and movies, or surf the web using a computer.

Clark says there’s a possibility for millions of people, primarily singles and couples, to actually stop paying for home internet service and rely only on an unlimited cell phone plan.

If you pay $60 a month for high-speed internet service, that’s an annual savings of $720!

Let’s be clear that Clark says this isn’t a good option for people who spend hours a day binge-watching content on Netflix or watching YouTube videos.

For those heavy users, the 10 GB will simply not be enough to last an entire billing cycle.

Check your current home internet usage

To determine whether 10 GB of mobile hotspot data is going to be sufficient for your needs, log in to the online account for your home internet service provider and view your usage.


I used 92 GB last month, so the mobile hotspot is definitely not going to work for me.

This unlimited cell phone plan can replace your home Internet service

If you can’t find your usage, check out this tool from T-Mobile that lets you estimate the mobile hotspot data you’ll need every month based on how much time you spend online.

Here are some usage estimates provided by T-Mobile:

  • Post a photo to social media: 819.2 KB each
  • Stream videos, TV or movies: 15 MB per minute
  • Download songs, apps or games: 5 MB per item
  • Online gaming: 375 KB per minute
  • Browse websites: 1.27 MB per page
  • Send/receive emails: 249 KB per email

Clark’s key takeaway

Even if this isn’t for you, if you know anyone who has home internet service but doesn’t use it heavily, they may be able to save money by canceling it and signing up for an unlimited cell phone plan.

Worried this may be too complicated? Don’t be. Here’s a video that explains how to easily set up a mobile hotspot:

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