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I’ve now had my Google Nexus 4 for a couple of weeks and I can say it lives up to the hype. But I’ve been getting more questions about my cell phone plan than the phone itself!

First things first, the Nexus 4 is Google’s answer to the iPhone 5. You buy it non-contract for $299 and can take it on multiple networks. It is the best cell phone I have ever tested, truly a superior machine, and it will only get better and better from here.

Clark’s unlimited $30/month service plan for the Nexus 4

I’m getting what amounts to unlimited data and unlimited text, with very few talk minutes, for $30 a month through T-Mobile.

Is this a special deal they gave me? No. But it is hard to find, so listen up.

This deal is only available online or in a Walmart store. You go to and order a Micro SIM card for your phone. It’s just 99 cents. Then once you get the chip, you activate it online and sign up for the $30 plan, which you can only see if you go to the pre-paid section.

This plan was designed for teens and 20somethings who did little talking, a lot of data, and a lot of text. It comes with 5GB of high-speed data and then you’re throttled after that. (Most of use only 1GB a month.) Though you do only get 100 free voice minutes.

Meanwhile, if you’re a dedicated iPhone person, here’s a way you can save up to $1,000 over two years on the iPhone 5.

New app reviewing service and more

Verizon is now reviewing, rating, and recommending apps for iPhones and Androids:


Two of the highest-risk apps for battery drain — Fruit Ninja Free and Draw Something — are also two of the most popular out there!

Finally, I’m beginning to hear word that Apple is going to release a Dick Tracy watch. It will be a smart watch you wear, and you can check your email, text messages, and more without fumbling for your phone!

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