Online resale of used music dealt a blow by court


Crony capitalism has stepped on your digital rights in a new court ruling…and I’m not happy about it.

I talked with great hopefulness about ReDigi just days ago. The company has been under a cloud for a good while. ReDigi has a business model they believe is a legal way to sell digital music you no longer want in an online marketplace.

Well, the entertainment industry didn’t like the idea of reselling digital music. Now a federal judge says it violates copyright.

This goes back to Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which was written, bought, and paid for in a corrupt Washington. The entertainment industry managed to bankroll key members of the House and Senate to get this legislation through. Unfortunately, the act rips away your rights with what you bought.

It’s a rip off to say the music you bought can’t be resold. You should have the right to sell whatever content you bought and paid for. But again, no wonder cynicism rises in our country about crony capitalism.

This is not how it should be.

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