Online posts can come back to bite


There are many reports of employees who have trashed their boss or workplace on social media.

But what if you trash your parents? A recent viral video shows a dad shooting up his daughter’s laptop after discovering her petulant Facebook posts, vicously complaining about her parents and the chores they insisted she do to help around the house. This video struck a such a chord, it cuurently has over 22 millions hits and counting!

But this begs the question: what are you posting online? What kinds of posts or pictures do you allow yourself to be tagged in?

Keep in mind that once something is put online, it remains accessible forever, in some form.

There’s a key rule with email. If you are writing something in anger, you don’t send it right away; you save the message as a draft for about 24 hours. You just may find you’ll prefer to change the wording after some cool-down time.

This is a good rule to follow with online posts too. Ask yourself how this post is going to reflect on you months from now, or years down the road when you’re looking to rent a house, date someone new, or apply for a job. Once it’s out there, it’s there for good. Be careful with your words.

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