This cellphone battery recharges in just 1 minute!

This cellphone battery recharges in just 1 minute!
Image Credit: StoreDot
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If you’re in the smartphone orbit, you know that you’re always fighting the life of the battery. But that could soon be a thing of the past…

Zero to full power in 60 seconds

A new player called StoreDot has developed a cellphone battery that can recharge in just 60 seconds, according to Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

How do they do it? StoreDot came up with a secret sauce of amino acids to do the job instead of the more common lithium components we’re all used to. Their battery is in testing right now and is expected to be available in mass production by 2017.

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Free ways to stretch battery life right now

Until StoreDot arrives, we still have to wrestle with battery life for now. That’s where a free app like 2 Battery for Android can come in handy, stretching the life of your battery behind the curtain on your phone.

But no matter whether you’re Android or iOS, there are some simple things you can do to preserve battery life. For example, try adjusting the brightness of the screen and how long it stays on. Those two things make a big difference.

Having apps refresh too much can be another problem. For me, it’s my girlfriend The Wall Street Journal. Their app was constantly refreshing and eating up all my data. That one alone was taking more data than every other app on  my phone combined. So I adjusted the settings and my data use went down.


How about other simple things? Did you know having your phone set to vibrate uses more battery than setting it to ring, according to an article I read. Location requests use up your battery too. Think how many apps ask for your location. That in and of itself drains your battery.

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