Warning: Don’t fall for this Nintento Switch emulator scam


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is warning consumers not to fall for ads touting emulators that allows gamers to play popular Nintendo Switch console games on their PCs.

‘There’s no Nintendo Switch emulator’

In the release, dated April 18, the agency warns:

Online ads for emulators, sometimes with Nintendo branding, say they can run Switch’s games on your desktop. But there is no legit Nintendo Switch emulator. It’s a scam.

Even worse, when you try to download a Nintendo Switch emulator, you can install unwanted applications on your computer. These apps give you misleading information about computer problems that aren’t really there, then ask you to pay to fix them.

The release cites other instances where unwitting consumers are directed to a survey which, when completed, promises to generate a code to unlock an emulator that doesn’t actually exist.

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Among the tips from the FCC to help you avoid being scammed:

  • Don’t download anything that claims to be a Nintendo Switch emulator
  • Watch for red flags like “unlock codes”
  • Keep your security software current
  • Play games only on a real Nintendo Switch

Finally, if you think you’ve already been a victim of a scam, please report it to the FCC immediately.

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