Nintendo rolls out 3D gaming system that does not require glasses


We have every electronics gadget and gizmo known to humankind in our house. My 5th grader has an iPod Touch that she uses for games, instant messaging and it even does web calling. She loves it so much that the iPod Touch has become her device of choice.

She used to be that way with her Nintendo DS, which she carried around with all her game cartridges. But now that DS is like yesterday’s news to her. Her iPod has free games at the touch of a button and it offers a superior screen experience to the DS.

Well, now Nintendo is rolling out the 3DS, a handheld dual-screen system that does 3D without requiring special glasses. The street price is $250. (Game cartridges cost extra.)

If the Nintendo 3DS came out before Apple took over the universe, it would be the hot tech story for at least a period of several weeks. But now they’ve got to fight for attention.

Interestingly, Nintendo doesn’t want kids under 6 playing the 3DS because they don’t want it to harm their developing vision. But I read a report where opthalmologists think Nintendo has it all wrong. They plan to use the 3DS in their practices to detect early signs of potentially serious eye disease in children!

So now I’m waiting for my daughter to ask for the Nintendo 3DS as all the publicity about it starts seeping out. My standard answer to kids’ requests for expensive electronics is, “If you want it that bad, I’ll split the cost with you.” By saying that, you can find out if your kid is a good saver and if they really wanted that gizmo as much as they say they did. And you teach them priorities at the same time!

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