New Instagram feature lets you hide your embarrassing old photos


Have you ever shared a photo on Instagram and lived to regret it? Now you can archive those posts instead of just deleting them.

“With this update, you now have a space just for you, where you can revisit moments without having to keep them all on your profile,” Instagram said on its blog.

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How to use Instagram’s new archive feature

To archive a post that you’ve already shared, simply tap the button with three dots at the top of the post and select “Archive.”

Tap the “Archive” icon in the top right corner of your profile to revisit these posts and see previous likes and comments from your friends.

If you ever change your mind, tap the button with three dots at the top of the post and select “Show on Profile” to remove your post from the archive.

Why should you care about this feature? With an increasing number of employers using social media to screen applicants, this new setting could come in handy if you’re looking for a job.


Archiving certain public posts is an easy way to limit what your future boss may see while still preserving those special memories.

Of course, if there’s something on your Instagram profile that’s truly embarrassing or terrible, you always have the option to delete it permanently through the app.

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