Never order anything from these online retailers


If something seems too good to be true…

In the past few years, several online clothing retailers have popped up, offering on-trend fashions for dirt cheap prices. But, according to Good Housekeeping, customers who order from the sites frequently report a wide range of problems, from unsatisfactory merchandise to stolen credit card information.

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Steer clear of sketchy online retailers

Internet retailers like,, and have laughably low ratings. While offers $10 dresses with free worldwide shipping, it seems to be the epitome of “you get what you pay for” — one customer even called its products “the clothing equivalent of hollow speakers … sold from a white van.”

“There are many overseas clothing companies today offering gorgeous and trendy clothes for next to nothing,” Justin Lavelle, communications director for BeenVerified, told GH. “But what you see on their site and what you get are usually two different things — cheap fabrics, unrealistic sizing, and impossible returns and refunds.”

Customers echo Lavelle’s statement. “Even though I ordered extra large, the clothes all looked like they were made for ten year old!” one woman said of, while a customer said of her purchase, “I have ever [sic] before seen quality this poor … The garments did not function as clothing on a basic level.”

Worst of all, some shoppers claim their credit card information was stolen while they ordered from overseas online retailers, per GH.

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Lavelle recommends deal seekers stick to reputable internet retailers — ones with high ratings and good return policies. Shoppers should also watch out for some of the telltale signs of an online scam, such as poor grammar and abundant typos.

Online shopping tip: Only use one card!

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