The most convenient way to make a purchase


Hold on to your wallets! One click purchase of products strategically placed in TV shows is going to be the future.

For years, product manufacturers and retailers have talked about this as a kind of pipe dream. But several companies are ready to launch services where you can make instant impulse purchases with a single click.

Here’s how it might work: You’re sitting watching TV and suddenly, someone in the show is drinking a certain beverage or using a certain hand cream, or whatever it is. By pointing your smartphone or tablet at the screen, you’ll be able to order that product seamlessly.

It’s the most convenient way to make a purchase, of course. The New York Times reports the efforts from the industry are platform agnostic to make it super-simple. But the problem with easy is you may spend money you really can’t afford to part with.

Unfortunately, this is what’s coming. Because of DVRs and time-shifted watching, and because of Netflix and Hulu, content is going to have to be paid for with product placement in shows. Marketers essentially want to migrate the commercial from the commercial slot into the program you’re watching. That way you can’t fast forward through it or skip it entirely.

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