More cheap options for Androids with unlimited plans


The Android world has upset the Apple cart by making cell plans much cheaper than the typical unlimited plan for iPhone.

The nation’s lowest cost deal for an Android phone with unlimited everything is now available through Straight Talk. The company has an Android from the Samsung Galaxy series that costs $45/month for unlimited data, text, e-mail and calling. (The data is throttled if you’re a real data hog.)

Meanwhile, Boost Mobile has raised the rate on its Android from $50 to $55 each month. But they also have a loyalty plan where the cost drops by $5 every six months. Stay long enough and it gets to be $40.

In related news, there is now a new app for Android phones that lets you synch your iTunes music library on your Android. Go to the Android marketplace on your phone and search for the free DoubleTwist app.

The gap between contract carriers (The Big 4 aka AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon) vs. non contract carriers is getting larger and larger every day: The Big 4 now have early termination fees in the range of $350, plus there service is usually more expensive.

One last thought: If you live in a Cricket or Metro PCS market, consider checking them out too. Cricket has a $55 plan that offers unlimited text, web, 1,000 talk minutes and unlimited song downloads through the Muve Music Service. Compare that to what you pay with the Bigs!

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