Monitor what’s being said about you on the web


The Internet world is one that has a lot of promise but also a lot of anarchy. I’ve found out from personal experience that some people will trash you every possible way in cyberspace with made-up stuff. Now Google has a free way to track what’s being said about you on the web.

In the past, there have been a lot of services aimed at corporate types that require you to pay a fee to have either computer bots or individuals scan what’s being said about you out there and make sure you’re not being sullied in the Internet orbit.

Google looked at this and came up with its own algorithm that does it for free. It’s a tool that’s called Me on the Web.

As best I can tell, they’re offering this for free simply because they want you to open a Gmail account. (If you already have one, this functionality is already available to you and you just need to activate it.)

I’ve been testing this thing and it’s very accurate in harvesting info about me and feeding it back. The stuff being posted is in my case is usually accurate, with the occasional thing that’s way out there, such as some things that were recently posted to my Wikipedia page!

Hopefully it’s benign out there for you too. But isn’t it better to know than to not know?! And for a price that you know I love: Free!

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