Mobile dating apps poised to be big business


We all know that dating sites have changed the dynamics of how people meet and match up. But now online dating is going mobile and it’s big business.

The Washington Post  says more people are meeting and matching up from apps on smart phones than online dating on a computer. The expectation is that the mobile dating market will go up over 200% in the next few years. As of last year, it surpassed traditional online dating in terms of volume and frequency.

The interesting thing is most of the mobile dating apps are freemium business models. You get a no-frills version for free as a teaser to try to get you to buy the full-featured app.

Think about it: You could be out and about on Saturday night, looking for somebody who wants to go catch a bite to eat or a movie. At random, on the spot, instantly, you can find somebody nearby for that. I have to wonder how safe it is, though!

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