Middle and high school students making money developing apps


Forget child labor laws, your kid could be the one putting food on your table if he or she gets into app development!

The Wall Street Journal  reports that Apple recently opened its developer conference to the 13-17 crowd by paying the $1,600 entrance fee for 150 teen developers. Parents acted as chaperones at the San Francisco event last week.

I’m intrigued by the idea that inside our own households, there could be a creative genius lurking. We’ve all heard the stories of people who drop out of college to become entrepreneurs and get fabulously wealthy. But now we’re entering a new era that’s much different.

I think about my six year old who, before he could read, knew how to pick up a smart phone or an iPod Touch and start making the thing work. It’s just part of what kids grow up around now. There are so many issues with technology being negative for kids, but we don’t often hear about the teen developers who are making money doing this.

There are now even summer camps that for $750 will teach kids to be app developers!

This is an area that will lead to significant new opportunity in our country. We have a leg up on so much of the rest of the world in this respect. Our kids are the secret sauce because they get it and they will make stuff happen that we can’t even imagine.

Meanwhile, if you’re already in the Apple world, digital music service Spotify.com has launched a new ad-supported version that lets you build custom song playlists for free on your iPad or iPhone. This is similar to what Pandora offers by using artificial intelligence to feed you songs that approximate the kind of music you’re interested in.

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