Microsoft re-imagines the remote control, readies new programming


The traditional remote control may become a thing of the past if Microsoft has its way, according to The New York Times.

Boy, do I hate TV remotes! They make me look like idiot and I feel like an idiot because I have trouble getting the NFL game on the screen.

Recently, I was trying to get the TV working with our satellite system. Talk about complicated! Our system has an amplifier, a projector, a satellite receiver and one master remote with what seems like 800,000 different commands on it. It took my 12 year old to come in, hit a button and put it on; I couldn’t do it.

Microsoft feels my pain. They have a new technology for Xbox that will allow you to change the channel or find the program guide just by using your voice or specific hand gestures.

Meanwhile, as the lines blur between technologies, Microsoft is even set to offer programming packages of channels through the Xbox. Those are a lot of major changes coming.

The reality is that cable boxes are rapidly becoming ancient technology. They’re very confusing to use and only add another layer of obstruction between you and your TV. Soon, hopefully, we’ll be able to kick them to the curb.

Finally, my wife is particularly excited by Xbox Kinect and its abilities to sense your motions. It’s like using the Wii controller except that it’s not sensing the remote; it actually senses your body’s movements.

Now that’s getting both neat and creepy at the same time!

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