KFC’s ‘Memories Bucket’ will print your smartphone photos


This is one fast food carton you won’t want to toss out!

In honor their 60th anniversary, KFC Canada has come up with a bluetooth-powered fried chicken bucket that will take your smartphone pictures and print them as polaroids.

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Polaroid, meet Colonel Sanders!

It’s called the Memories Bucket and it’s making your chicken take-out high-tech.  According to Buzzfeed, the polaroid printer is attached to the bottom of a bucket of fried chicken. After you snap a picture with your phone, turn on the printer bucket and your photo will send via bluetooth. Moments later you’ve got a printed photo in your hand and can continue eating your fried chicken with pure satisfaction. 

KFC says more details will be released at a later date. Excited fans took to KFC’s Facebook page to ask about the chicken bucket printers and the company responded saying ‘Stay tuned. We will be giving a few away.’

That’s leading some to believe this may be a limited edition item that only a few customers will get their hands on. 

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