ISP data caps threaten streaming video


Data caps from Internet service providers could threaten the future of streaming video on computers and mobile devices.

The Washington Post  reports Netflix in particular could be hard hit by data caps from phone companies that control DSL and cable companies that control cable modem service. Both the phone and cable companies are looking to protect their existing TV businesses.

As far as I’m concerned, these monopolies that were granted by the government are now hurting the American people. Any company that sells pay TV should not be allowed to own high-speed Internet.

It’s that simple; force them to spin off one of their businesses. Owning both sides of the equation is a direct inherent conflict with what’s best for America.

At the same time, there are other things going on in the industry that present no problem in my mind. For example, Fox is putting a pay wall around its shows, according to The Wall Street Journal.

You will now have to wait a week and a half to watch their shows on either the Fox website or as a basic Hulu subscriber if you’re not a paying subscriber to either cable or satellite. That is free market and it’s A-OK to me.

My wife and I recently went to see a movie called Horrible Bosses  the week it came out. I know it’s a shocker; that’s never happened in my life in 30 or 40 years that I saw a flick during opening week!

So it was $8 a ticket for the movie. That means my ticket and Lane’s ticket together equaled two months of Netflix streaming gone in 103 minutes! You have to make choices with your spending priorities, but the marketplace should influence them, not the monopolies.

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