Consumer Reports: iPhone X is NOT the best smartphone you can buy

Consumer Reports: iPhone X is NOT the best smartphone you can buy
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If you’re thinking about paying $1,000 for Apple’s iPhone X, Consumer Reports says you may want to take a closer look at the iPhone 8 instead.

The trusted consumer resource has just released its final iPhone X test results — and there were some surprises!

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iPhone 8 tops iPhone X in Consumer Reports testing

Apple’s anniversary edition phone still made Consumer Reports’ list of recommended phones, but it was edged out by the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, as well as several Android devices.

Here’s the top 10 list from Consumer Reports: 

  1. Samsung Galaxy S8: 82
  2. Samsung Galaxy S8+: 81
  3. Apple iPhone 8 Plus: 81
  4. Apple iPhone 8: 81
  5. Samsung Galaxy Note8: 80
  6. Samsung Galaxy S8 Active: 80
  7. Samsung Galaxy S7: 80
  8. LG G6: 80
  9. Apple iPhone X: 80
  10. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge: 79

iPhone X pros and cons

Consumer Reports says Apple shoppers will face a tough decision between the iPhone X and iPhone 8. Here are a few headlines from the new review:

iPhone X strengths

  • Testers praised the phone’s beautiful display
  • iPhone X boasts the best overall camera results in CR’s testing
  • Face ID also received excellent marks

iPhone X weaknesses

  • Damage in CR’s durability test put iPhone X behind iPhone 8
  • iPhone X’s comparatively low battery-life also knocked it down a few spots

Final thought 

The phones on CR’s top 10 list are separated by just a few points on a 100-point scale, so they’re all great devices. Which is best? That’s going to depend on the features most important to you.

To see full smartphone reviews, consider a one-month subscription ($6.95) to Consumer Reports.

Trying to save money on a new Apple phone? CR said the iPhone 7 — priced at $549 on — remains a good option because it has many of the same features as an iPhone 8.

Cell phone providers may also offer special deals on these devices. Follow for updates!

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