iPhone or Android: Which consumers are more loyal?


The digital debate: Apple or Android?

It’s no secret that Clark Howard is on team Android in most cases, and it seems that many people are devoted to (and sometimes very passionate about) their preference of Apple or Android devices. 

But which is better overall, according to consumers?

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A nationally representative survey on mobile devices by the Consumer Reports National Research Center found that consumers are indeed loyal to their smartphone operating system, and discovered some other interesting information about Apple and Android smartphone switches.

The survey found that 73% of consumers who bought a new smartphone over the past 6 months and stayed with their former operating system had been on that same operating system for three or more years. 

Some other interesting findings

Of those who had purchased a new smartphone in the past 6 months, Consumer Reports noted: 

  • 56% of people who bought a new device bought an Android, versus 40% who chose an iPhone
  • 26% of people who had switched providers moved from an Android phone to an iPhone, while 16% of people switched from iPhone to Android
  • Smartphone buyers who switched operating systems that were not Apple or Android most commonly moved to Android

So which team are you on, Apple or Android — or neither?

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