iPad 3 not worth the extra money over the iPad 2


I have in my hands the third generation of the iPad. Having had the original iPad, I can tell you the iPad 3 is a big improvement over the original, but not so much over the iPad 2. The big change for Apple was going from the iPad to iPad 2.

But when is the technology you already have enough? In the Apple world, some people are dedicated fanatics and must have the lastest ‘it’ thing from Apple, whatever it is. Yet if you are not obsessed and still have your original iPad, you will find the iPad 3 a real step up.

The iPad 3’s ability to do video calls is nice and the quality of video on the screen is exceptional. Yet I don’t want to be part of Apple hype. If you have the iPad 2, just stick with it. You don’t need to spend money on the third generation, priced starting at $499.

In fact, if you want to save money, the base model of the iPad 2 is now $399. Unless you consume a lot of video, the breathtaking screen capability of the iPad 3 won’t make enough of a difference, but the $100 is $100 back in your pocket.

Meanwhile, we’re getting closer to the point when Android tablets will be truly competitive with Apple tablets. I have not been thrilled with my Kindle Fire. In fact, it’s just gathering dust. And I think that’s true for many people; it sold like hotcakes at $199, but hasn’t had enough “oomph” to make it something most of us use continually.

So if the iPad fits your life, it’s a real winner. The Androids, though, are always nipping at Apple’s heels.

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