Use alternate browsers in wake of IE security flaw


If you’re like 40% of people, chances are you use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer to surf the web. But right now, doing so could pose a serious threat to your computer’s safety.

The Internet Explorer browser has a security flaw that could allow hackers to gain access to your computer. I am advising people to stop using Internet Explorer until further notice. Try using Firefox or Google’s Chrome browser instead.

As far as a bona fide fix, the techie blogs I’ve read disagree about how easy it is for non-tech savvy people to do what’s necessary to patch this security problem.

If you do want to attempt the patch yourself, The Chicago Tribune  says you’ll need to download, install, and manually configure Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) from Microsoft’s website.

Meanwhile, the company says it will release more secure version of IE in the next week.

In related news, Microsoft found that about 1 in 4 of every computer manufactured in mainland China is loaded with a counterfeit version of Windows software. The counterfeit software has an embedded kind of virus that can host 500 different versions of malware. In some cases, it can even switch your microphone or web cam on or record your keystrokes.

Microsoft is in the courts trying to choke off the ability of crooks to use this malware. But it just goes to show how important it as an individual or small business to take the best precautions you can.

Individuals enjoy a fair level of protection from the financial mischief hackers can cause. But not so if you’re a small business.

For small businesses, get a dedicated computer for financial transactions. No surfing the web on your dedicated computer. No e-mailing. And definitely no visiting Facebook or Twitter, as social media is one of the main entry points for business hackers today.

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