Warning: If you get this notification, don’t click the link!


Have you heard about the “Ugly List?” It’s a new scam that Instagram users are reporting, and it’s leading to all sorts of problems.

Instagram scam: What you need to know

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According to the Better Business Bureau, users will get a notification that they’ve been tagged by a friend in a post called “Ugly List 2016.” The notification includes a link to see the full post.

If a user clicks on the link, they’re led to a page that appears to be the Instagram log in, and the user must enter a username and password to see the list – a huge red flag.

Of course, the form is a way for scammers to steal usernames and passwords.

The BBB said that once they have your account information, they’ll hack your Instagram and tag your followers, which keeps the “Ugly List” scam spreading on the social media network. 

“This scam, like many scams, has to do with an emotional hook,” BBB president Claire Rosenzweig told CBS Los Angeles.

A cyber security expert told the TV station that this scam casts a wide net, but millennials are particularly vulnerable because the hackers are playing off insecurities they have about their looks. 

If you receive a suspicious link, don’t click it! Report it to Instagram here

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New Social Security scam to watch out for!

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