Important: Protect against the Anthem breach


The Anthem Breach

The data breaches we’ve had in recent years have been so huge, and we get so many notices, we hear so many media reports, that the time comes that we just tune them out. This is NOT the time to tune out. The data breach at Anthem which affects more than one in four Americans is the ugliest data breach I ever remember because the criminals have enough information on you to fully assume your identity without any heavy lifting. They have your Social Security number, your email address, your date of birth, every address you’ve lived at in recent years. They have what’s often referred to as the keys to the kingdom.

So they’re in a position fully assume being you. If you’re someone who has a lot of money in the bank or in brokerage accounts you have a bull’s-eye on you because they may try to steal that money. The most important things for you to do are two steps. One, freeze your identity. It’s a very simple process. It’ll take about 15 minutes and, depending on your state, costs from nothing to as much is $30 to do, a one- time fee. I’ve got the guide to how to do that it at Second thing you want to set up two factor authentication with your bank or your brokerage account. It’s a process where your identity is fully verified before any money leaves your account. I’m Clark Howard.

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