Malware infects 10 million Android phones: Here’s how to get rid of it


Bad news, Android users: A new type of malware has infected 10 million Android phones worldwide, including 288,800 in the United States. 

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Here’s what you need to know about HummingBad:

What is it? CNET reports that the software ‘can take root in your phone, collecting your personal data and making it act like you’ve clicked on ads you haven’t,’ according to Check Point Security.

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Is it on my phone? CNET suggests using security apps such as Check Point’s Zone AlarmLookout Security & AntivirusAVG AntiVirus and Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus to detect whether the malware is on your device.

How do I delete it? Unless you’re a cybersecurity expert, the only way to get rid of HummingBad is to do a factory reset, CNET reports.

How can I avoid it? ‘Don’t download apps from untrusted stores,’ Dan Wiley, Check Point’s head of incident response, told CNET. In other words, stick to the Google Play store. Read more here.

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