How to stop Facebook from sharing your location


Some Americans are raising privacy concerns after Snapchat recently introduced a new feature called “Snap Map” that lets users share their location with followers.

What’s particularly alarming to many parents is that Snapchat can pinpoint exact locations on the map.

What you may not realize is that Facebook has a setting called “Nearby Friends” that also shares your location, but it’s not quite as precise as Snapchat’s feature.

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Facebook may be sharing your location with friends! Here’s how to stop it

If you don’t like the idea of everyone on your Facebook friend list knowing where you are, follow these simple steps to disable the feature using your smartphone!

From the Facebook app, tap the three horizontal lines. Scroll down and select “Nearby Friends” (you may need to select “See More” first).

If you’ve previously activated “Nearby Friends,” you’ll see your current location listed, plus details on nearby friends, friends who are traveling and friends in other locations.

Select the gear icon in the upper right corner (see picture above) and toggle “Nearby Friends” off. You can also choose to pause the feature for up to 24 hours.


As for Snapchat’s new “Snap Map,” location sharing is off by default. If you’ve turned it on, you can hide your location by enabling “ghost mode” from the settings menu. Here’s how.

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