Here’s how to find Facebook messages you didn’t know you had


Facebook is an extremely helpful tool for connecting with people from your past, whose phone numbers you might not have. 

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How to find messages you didn’t know about

People who want to connect with old friends and classmates need only send a message on the social media platform to reconnect, strike up a conversation and plan meetups.

But what if you’re sending messages that are never seen? And what if people are sending you messages that you’ve never seen?

A Facebook messaging feature holds messages from Facebook users who you are not Facebook friends with in a separate folder.


To see the hidden messages, you must access message requests in your account.

Here’s how to do it:

Facebook (in web browser): Click on the messages icon at the top of the screen in the blue bar > Message Requests > See filtered requests

Messenger app: Settings > People > Message Requests > See filtered requests

Have fun perusing old messages, and hopefully, it’s not too late to respond to some of them!

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