How to always see Clark’s content first on Facebook!


Facebook is updating the algorithms that power your News Feed again. But don’t worry, if you’re concerned about not getting all of Clark’s great money-saving advice, we’ve got the solution for you!

How to see Clark’s content first on Facebook

The new change will essentially demote content from media providers like as Facebook seeks the right balance of posts on your page. Thankfully, there’s a fix you can put in place so you won’t miss any of Clark’s posts!

1. Click the page or profile you want to see first (assuming you’re already a friend or follower of the page/profile).
2. Click the blue “Following” button and a dropdown will appear.
3. Click “See First” and you’ll always see their content!

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Imposters posing as people you already know

With Facebook’s new emphasis on posts from family and friends in your News Feed, here’s something to be aware of: Criminals may attempt to trick you while masquerading as someone you know. They’ll even use your contacts’ actual Facebook picture!

Elizabeth Holton penned a story for the Better Business Bureau and wrote, ‘I received a request from ”˜Linda’ (name changed), a relative I was already friends with on Facebook. Odd, I thought. Perhaps her account was shut down, and she had to start a new profile?’

But according to Elizabeth, her ‘friend’ began asking some questions that were out of the ordinary, and she began to get the feeling that something wasn’t quite right.

Then finally, this friend wrote this to Elizabeth: ‘I am so happy I got 200,000$ in cash from the National world help company”¦Did you not get it they have been helping the poor people and Retired,Unemployed, Worker’s, Disable, and people’s like us who are in need of money to make there possible living.’

At this point, Elizabeth knew it was a scam, so she reported it to Facebook and blocked the user.

Fake Facebook profiles for country music stars are tricking people

Another pitfall to be aware of: When you’re on Facebook, be careful if you get a friend request from a big country music star thanking you for being a fan. It’s probably a scammer just trying to get into your wallet!


Clark fans have been sharing with us on Facebook that recent encounters with scammers masquerading as popular country superstars are on the uptick.

Lisa wrote in to say that she’d received a couple of these messages earlier this week.

‘I have had several Facebook friend requests from ‘country music stars’ [saying] that I had liked their FB page. One was supposedly Tim McGraw and the other was supposedly Trace Adkins. They thank me for being a fan, develop a little conversation, then tell me the security company they have been using is closing and they need a dependable person to receive and hold their briefcase.’

‘Said briefcase allegedly contains a HUGE sum of money, concert tickets, etc… The briefcase will be delivered to me via a courier service and I must pay the fee to get the briefcase, which will be returned to me tenfold. The fee? $800 + !!!!!!! Please let people know. I notified local law enforcement who didn’t care. The [scammers] actually got very ugly when I refused.’

While Lisa’s experience shows that the names of Tim McGraw and Trace Adkins are reportedly being used by scammers, it isn’t limited to those two country stars. Nor is this kind of scam a new thing.

What you can do to stay safe

Clearly, the threat of running into a bogus celebrity Facebook profile isn’t limited to the world of country music. So here are some tips to keep you on the straight and narrow:

  • When connecting with celebrities, use their official verified social media account. Look for the little blue checkmark — called a verified badge — to know who you’re dealing with.
  • Report any scams to Facebook.
  • Block any user accounts from which a scam is coming.
  • Know that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is!

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