How To Opt Out of Verizon’s Super Cookie Tracking


Verizon has finally relented on its most invasive customer spying measure to date and now allows you to opt of the dreaded supercookie.

The company has been pushing its supercookies on users to track everything you ever do on a phone — every email, every page you visit, everything you click. By doing that, they were able to build a data-rich dossier and sell it to marketers. 

AT&T had its own supercookie as an experiment too, but they abandoned the project months ago. Now Verizon is caving to relentless media pressure too.

2 ways to opt out of Verizon’s supercookie tracking

1. Visit and log into your account. Then scroll down to ‘Relevant Mobile Advertising.’ Click the button below ‘No, I don’t want to participate in Relevant Mobile Advertising’ for each line on your account. Be sure you click the red ‘Save Changes’ button below that. Courtesy: USA TODAY

2. You can also supposedly opt out over the phone. Call 866-211-0874 to opt out. Courtesy:

For you as a consumer, I say go to the other guys and don’t deal with Verizon’s high prices and intrusive monitoring anymore. T-Mobile will pay your early termination fees, AT&T is cheaper than they were, and Sprint will cut your bill in half.

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