How iPhone owners can join a new lawsuit against Apple


We recently told you about Apple’s flaw known as ‘touch disease’ — a flickering grey bar at the top of the phone screen that leads to the touchscreen becoming unresponsive. 

After reports about the glitch started to spread, it became clear that there are a whole lot of iPhone 6 owners out there experiencing the same problem — and they are not happy about it.

No easy fix for ‘touch disease’

Part of the concern facing owners of an affected phone is that there really isn’t an easy way to fix it. Taking an iPhone infected with touch disease into an Apple store won’t help, as the company’s own repair people apparently can’t even fix the problem.

So Apple knows about the issue but just tells customers they can’t do anything about it — meaning you’re stuck with buying a new phone.

The alternative option is to take your phone to an electronics repair shop that offers ‘board level repairs’ — which will be cheaper than the cost of a new iPhone. If you do take this route, experts say to make sure that the shop you choose ‘replaces the chips, and doesn’t just reflow them,’ because reflowing won’t fix the entire problem and you’ll just end up right back in the repair shop.

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How iPhone owners can join the class action lawsuit against apple

Now, three people have filed a class action lawsuit against Apple, seeking repair, recall and/or replacement of all affected iPhones, as well as an extension of Apple’s standard warranty period to fix future cases involving the same issue.

The legal firm handling the lawsuit has also opened it up to other parties.

So if you have any version of the iPhone 6 that is affected by this touch disease issue, you can fill out a form on the group’s website to get a free consultation.

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