How anyone can see your hidden Facebook photos

How anyone can see your hidden Facebook photos
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If you have a Facebook account, there’s a good chance that you’ve hidden a photo or two from your timeline that you weren’t so crazy about.

After all, everyone has at least one picture that’s either embarrassing or unflattering, right?

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How to view hidden Facebook photos

But unless you deleted the photo or asked the person who uploaded it to do so, the picture may still be available for family, friends and even strangers to see.

And with many potential employers browsing social media profiles, this is more important than ever.

Here’s how to find those photos and what you can do about them:

1. Using the search bar, type “Photos of” followed by your name or the name of the person whose photos you want to view. Click the magnifying glass icon to continue.

How anyone can see your hidden Facebook photos

2. Then you’ll be taken to the search results, which will include tagged photos of the person you searched and pictures they may have hidden from their timeline.

If the person you’re searching is a stranger, Facebook will only display pictures they’ve allowed the public to see.

How anyone can see your hidden Facebook photos

3. If you see a photo of yourself that you want to hide from the search results, simply untag yourself. However, this won’t delete the picture. You’ll have to ask the original poster to do that.

How anyone can see your hidden Facebook photos

4. You can regain control of the photos you’re tagged in through your privacy settings. Options include limiting the audience of tagged posts to yourself or friends.

You can also choose to review tagged posts before they show up on your timeline.

How anyone can see your hidden Facebook photos

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