Hot New Cellphone Deal for Singles


So much of the action in the cellphone world centers on family plans. But what if you’re just 1 person looking for a deal?

Best cell deal for a single person

Here’s a limited time offer from Metro PCS. You get unlimited high speed data, talk, and text for $50 a month. This is true 4G LTE data, and it’s the unlimited nature of this deal that makes it so special.

Many of the phones that are eligible for this offer are very good. You have everything from Androids for around $50 to larger phablet phones for $99. But no iPhones. Sorry, iOS people! 

One of the nice things about Metro PCS is that their price includes taxes and regulatory fees. So your bill should be exactly $50 a month — no more and no less.

Qualifying phones include the following:

  •     Samsung Galaxy Avant
  •     Samsung Galaxy Light
  •     Samsung Galaxy MEGA
  •     Samsung Galaxy S III (GSM versions only)
  •     Samsung Galaxy S 4
  •     Samsung Galaxy S 5
  •     LG Optimus F3
  •     LG Optimus F6
  •     Kyocera Hydro XTRM
  •     Huawei Vitria
  •     ZTE ZMAX

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