Google to offer free cell service


TRANSCRIPT: Google seems to change every business they get into, and the latest that google is rumored to be entering is the mobile phone service business. With a product that’s code named Nova according to industry sources. Google is going to offer the ability supposedly for you to use a tablet or a cell phone for as little as free per month to prices that may be in the range of ten to $15 a month.

This is going to cause a lot of people in the cell phone industry to lose sleep but going to cause your wallet to get a big fat smile with all the money you’ll be able to save. As for when Nova is going to launch, the rumors have been from the next few weeks to about six months from now, but as soon as the details emerge and I can tell you how you will be able if you can use nova, I’m going to tell you how to grab ahold of the savings. I’m Clark Howard.

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