Google to offer $30/month cell plan with data


What do you pay a month for cell phone service? Well the good news is whatever you are paying it’s going to get cheaper and cheaper and cheaper. The latest player to jump in is Google with its Project Fi. Project Fi is at this point a beta kind of thing.

I don’t necessarily recommend you consider this yet for your cell phone service, but the way this works is you pay $20 a month for unlimited talk and text. And then you pay $10 for data. Most people get by with $10. So it would be a total of $30 a month. A heavy user of data though — if you’re on Netflix all the time, or on your cell phone and things like this — this is not your plan.

The neat thing about this is $30 a month is a whole different price point than most of us have been used to for cell phone service. I’ve signed up for this. I hope I’m one of the testers for it and I’ll let you know if they’re ready for primetime. The great news is that if you want a really cheap cell phone plan right now there is already a company offering one that is ready for primetime. Check it out from $10 a month. I’m Clark Howard.

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