Google revamps its search results


After taking heat over their increasingly polluted search results, Google has revamped its algorithm to filter out the spammy ads from scamsters that had web users fleeing from the search giant.

I talked recently about how people were abandoning Google for Facebook and Twitter. Those social networks filled a real gap, as people would tap into their extended network of friends when they needed to research a company or get a referral.

So has now Google fired back and tweaked its search results. There’s no disclosure about exactly how they modified their algorithm because that’s proprietary info. But I’ve tested the new Google search results and found them to be much more on target than they were. There’s been direct and dramatic improvement.

Now the scammers will have to try to defeat the new algorithms, and Google will have to play a ongoing game of Whack a Mole with the bad guys!

MY GOOGLE AD POLICY: I continue to hear from users who think that when they see a Google ad fed to the pages on my website, it somehow that equates to an endorsement from me. That’s not the case — I don’t do paid endorsements, ever. You will see those same Google ads *anywhere* you surf, so I want you to know how it works.

Google automatically feeds rotating ads to pages based on the actual content of the page you’re looking at, and/or any terms you may be searching. Do not assume any Google ad you see on my site (or any site, for that matter) has been vetted, approved or recommended in any way. It has not been.

Even though the Google ads are disclaimed as “Advertisements”, not everyone reads carefully or notices this disclaimer. Most ads are on the up-and-up, and may even be useful links to products and services that would interest you — but there will always be some bad eggs out there. As you would anywhere on the web, surf with caution!

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