Move over FaceTime: Google releases video calling app Duo


Move over, FaceTime and Skype. Google has released a one-to-one video calling app called Duo

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Unlike Google’s video chatting app Hangouts, Duo is for smartphones only and offers simple one-to-one calling rather than video conferencing.  

And it seems Google’s key word to describe the app is ‘simple.’

The company wrote in a blog post Monday, ‘Duo takes the complexity out of video calling, so that you can be together in the moment wherever you are.’

The company said it designed the app, in part, to get rid of the frustration of dropped video calls.

It said the app will automatically switch between cellular and Wi-Fi networks and adjust to slower networks without dropping the call. 

One of the app’s features, called ‘Knock Knock,’ allows users to see what the caller is doing before accepting the call. 

Setup is described as simple, too. All you need is your phone number. Like some of Facebook’s apps, Google Duo doesn’t require a login. 

Google Duo works on Android and iOS. 


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