List: 44 Android apps infected with malware made their way to the Google Play store

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If you downloaded any camera apps recently from the Google Play store, you’ll want to check to make sure they’re not on a list of three dozen or so apps found to contain a new variant of malware.

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HummingWhale malware makes it way to Google Play

Check Point Software Technologies recently revealed a previously unseen variant of the HummingBad malware family has infiltrated the Google Play store. It’s being called ‘HummingWhale’ by security experts.

HummingBad was previously confined to third-party app stores, but was absent from Google Play. But that’s all changed since an influx of nearly 40 apps that comprise the new HummingWhale campaign have been detected by Check Point.

3 dozen apps infected with malware on Google Play downloaded millions of times google play malware app hummingbad

What does the HummingWhale campaign do?

The HummingWhale family of malware allows hackers to turn your phone into a remote cash-generating machine for them by allowing other fraudulent apps on your device without permission.

HummingWhale apps will also show illegitimate ads on your phone to generate ad dollars for the criminals. In addition, HummingWhale also uses fake rating and comments to raise the profile on its family of apps. Gaming the Google Play reviews system in that way guarantees that HummingWhale apps will be seen by more Android users who might potentially download them.

Collectively, the HummingWhale family of apps below were downloaded ‘several million times’ from the Google Play store, according to Check Point.

  • – Whale Camera
  • com.op.blinkingcamera – Blinking Camera
  • – Orange Camera
  • – Ocean camera
  • – HiPorn
  • – Cleaner: Safe and Fast
  • – Fast Cleaner
  • – Deep Cleaner
  • – Rainbow Camera
  • – com.qti.atfwd.core
  • com.wall.good.clevercamera – Clever Camera
  • – Hot Cleaner
  • – SmartAlbums
  • com.tree.tiny.cleaner – Tiny Cleaner
  • – Topspeed Test2
  • – Orange Camera
  • – FlappyCat
  • com.just.parrot.album – com.qti.atfwd.core
  • com.ogteam.elephanta.album – Elephant Album
  • gorer – File Explorer
  • – Swan Camera
  • – Smile Camera
  • com.air.cra.wars – com.qti.atfwd.core
  • – Wow Camera-Beauty,Collage,Edit
  • com.start.super.speedtest – com.qti.atfwd.core
  • – Shell Camera
  • com.ogteam.birds.album – com.qti.atfwd.core
  • com.tec.file.master – File Master
  • – Whale Camera
  • – HiPorn
  • – Coco Camera
  • – file explorer
  • – Sweet Camera
  • – Blinking Camera
  • – Art camera
  • – Ice Camera
  • – Hot Camera
  • com.more.light.vpn – Light VPN-Fast, Safe,Free
  • – Beauty Camera
  • com.bunny.h5game.parkour – Easter Rush
  • Happy Camera
  • – com.qti.atfwd.core
  • – Clever Camera
  • – Clever Camera

If you have any of these apps on your phone, uninstall them immediately and then run a malware scan. Lookout is a freemium service for Android that offer anti-malware protection, backup of contacts, remote location and more. It will even check future apps before you download them so you know for sure that they’re safe.


See more free anti-virus options to protect all of your devices.

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Protect yourself from malicious Android apps

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