Google Photos Lets You Store Your Photos and Videos Forever


iPhones have 40% of the smartphone market in the US. But there’s one big handicap: They do not take removable memory cards.

Getting around limited memory on the iPhone

Users will max out the memory on their iPhone over time, usually with pics and videos. It’s been a constant frustration for people as they watch their smartphone go to basically being a dumb phone when the memory is maxed out. I have two daughters who both use iPhones and they’re constantly frustrated with this!

Well, Google has a new app for iPhones that you download. It’s called Google Photos, and it’s actually a part of the free Google+ app.

Reviewers have been calling it the best way to store photos that anybody has come up with to date. (It works with Android too, but memory isn’t as much of an issue with Android.)

Google Photos will store all your videos and photos. (You retain the license to them.) It also has robust tools built in to help you catalog, search and find your photos and videos forever.

This is a fantastic way for anyone stuck in the memory loop with Apple to get out of it! So go download it today. I’ve told both my daughters about this and one downloaded it and is raving about it. She’s freed up so much capacity on her phone.

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