Get notified for auto recalls on your model


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TRANSCRIPT:  This is really neat. Do you know many of us are riding around in cars that are unsafe? They have some kind of safety recall. That’s not the neat part.
But what is neat is now you can know about recalls that in the past you probably never would have known about. Manufacturers actually do a decent job, once they’ve recalled something, in trying to notify you. But we move, we sell cars, whatever. The trail goes cold.

Well now there’s a way you can know the car you’re driving is safe and it’s really simple. You go to this website You register yourself with your make and model and year and then, and only if there is a recall concerning your specific make model and year, will you get an email notifying you. Hey, pay attention, there is a recall.
And by the way right now there are a lot of serious recalls specifically involving airbags. You get one of those, do not ignore it, get your car fixed.

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