Get all the TV and movies you could want for under $20/month


I think Netflix is one of most fantastic new services to come along. New? Well, if you consider that streaming is taking over the company, yes, it is new. Netflix is now looking at phasing out physical DVDs and migrating all customers to digital delivery.

That’s got some people all up in arms. But I don’t get it. It costs $8 and change for streaming unlimited TV episodes and movies each month with Netflix. That’s a bargain! Why fear the change?

If you like the idea of having physical DVDs, why not go to a streaming-only Netflix membership and use either Redbox or Blockbuster Express when you want an actual DVD? RedBox charges $1 for all DVD rentals, while BlockBuster Express has a few different price points starting at $1 depending on whether you want to borrow a new or old movie.

Redbox machines in particular have been proliferating like rabbits. Some places even have 2 of them instead of 1!

So don’t freak out. Embrace the change. If you pay a big bill for cable or satellite, why not step back and cobble plan together a poor man’s TV plan? You can use Netflix, Redbox, Blockbuster Express and maybe even Hulu Plus to get more content than you could ever watch for under $20 a month.

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