FreedomPop offers free high-speed Internet option


Are you a data hog at home? If not, there could be an opportunity for you to pay anywhere between zero-to-$19 a month for service if your Internet usage is light. has a device called the Freedom Hub Burst that offers high-speed Internet at home. This will work for web surfing, email, listening to audio files, but not if you watch a lot of video.

You get a robust surfing speed and, at $19 a month, you get 10 GB of data a month, which is plenty for people not doing a lot of video.

If you’re willing to sacrifice speed, you can pay either $15 a month, $10 a month, or zero dollars a month, depending on how much data you use.

This is a non-contract service that requires you to buy the $89 Freedom Hub Burst device to get started.

But before you buy it, pop in your address online at FreedomPop’s homepage and make sure you’ll have good service at your home.

When your account is created, be sure to go in and take off the automatic overage option. If you take that off, you won’t get any surprise charges on your credit card once you exceed your data allotment; you just won’t be able to do anymore surfing.

So, again, this is a great option for anyone who doesn’t want to consume a lot of video.

UPDATE: I purchased the Hub Burst for my home in Florida. With a special offer, I was paying $19 for 12 GB of data a month. Well, guess what? My family and I blew through 12 GB in 5 days! We watch a ton of Internet TV, YouTube, and have smartphones, tablets, etc. So it was a bust for us. I had to go back to Clear for wireless Internet.

But for you, in the right situation, it might work perfectly. If you are a light to moderate user, this can be a way to save a lot of money.


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