Free iPhone 5s Trial From T-Mobile


T-Mobile has faced challenges trying to attract customers from AT&T and Verizon. So now they’ve hit on a new strategy: Giving free iPhones for 1 week so potential customers can take their network on a test drive!

The self-proclaimed “Un-carrier” did away with contracts back in 2013. But they’ve been having trouble getting the high-value customers they really want because of fears about their network. So now T-Mobile is giving people an iPhone 5s to use for free for a week. No obligation, no strings attached.

How you can qualify for the free iPhone 5s trial

This is a no-risk test drive. Once your week is up, you simply return the iPhone to a T-Mobile retail store. All that’s required is a valid credit card or debit card and you can request yours at

Expect a $700 hold on your debit or credit card while you’re test-driving the phone. Anything like a cracked screen, water damage, or other damage will result in a $100 damage fee. And you’ll be charged the full $700 plus taxes if you don’t return the phone after 1 week.

The real beauty of T-Mobile is that the cost of their monthly service is one third to one half less than what you would pay with AT&T or Verizon. See other cheap smartphone plans here.

Sprint, meanwhile, has been rolling out a supposedly more reliable network and is offering a 30-day trial period beginning June 27 that’s supposedly without obligation. But in my experience, it’s never as clean and simple with Sprint as with T-Mobile. So I’m reluctant to say “without obligation” and “Sprint” in the same sentence.

I love the idea that Sprint, which has been so tarnished in the marketplace as of late, has a 30-day trial and that T-Mobile — the most aggressive player in the marketplace — is offering its own test drive.

Remember, there are no contracts with T-Mobile. I love that too. The industry is moving toward being free of contracts and I don’t want you to ever sign one again.

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