Free Internet Speed Test Available Online


Every year, the Federal Communications Commission does an Internet speed test on the service being offered by your DSL or cable modem provider. Are you really getting the speed you’re paying for?

It used to be very common in the past that you’d be promised something and seldom get anywhere close to the advertised speed. This year, however, is different.

The results of FCC testing show over and over again that people are getting somewhere between 80% and 90% of the promised speed.

Ever tried to fire your ISP and gotten the runaround? You won’t believe this story about Comcast.

Now, you are paying for 100% of your advertised speed…so you have every right to expect that speed. Obviously that’s not the case if you’re getting only 80% or 90% of what you’re paying for. But this is more of a glass half full scenario. After all, it is an enormous improvement that you are getting close to what you have been promised by your Internet service provider (ISP).

Use this Internet speed test to see if you’re getting less than promised

Only 2 ISPs were substantially much worse than they promised: Windstream, which offers phone and DSL in exurban and rural areas around the country, and Verizon, which particularly stunk it up in areas where they offer DSL instead of FiOS. In fact, Verizon got the worst rating in the most important standard in terms of delivering what you’re paying for.

Of course, your results may vary and it can be different from place to place. But the good news is that, by and large, we’re getting what’s been promised in big numbers now.

Warning: The nation’s largest cable operator plans to stick it to customers who watch streaming video without a pay TV package.

The other good thing is if you’re getting Internet service and it’s too slow or your computer times out on you, you can very easily do an Internet speed test to confirm any suspicions you may have about *not* getting what you’re paying for.

Just go to and follow their instructions to do a simple Internet speed test. The measurement you’re most interested in is download speed, unless you do a lot of uploading to the Internet.


The sad fact is that here in the United States we have some of the highest Internet prices and some of the slowest Internet service of just about any First World country. But that will change; it will just take time!

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