Free app lets you send a picture or message with expiration date


There’s a fast growing free app that can save reputations by offering you the ability to send a message or picture with an expiration date that you determine., which is available for both Android and iOS, was developed by a couple of 20somethings and there’s no business model yet. It’s completely free to use. The market so far has been for teens and college students and it’s being used mostly for photo sharing.

The beauty of SnapChat is that you can control how long your friends can see your images.

That addresses a big problem in the smartphone world. The problem is that with the advent of smartphones, people are taking questionable pictures that hang out there and cost them admission to school and even job offers.

SnapChat is the antidote to that; you can send an image and not worry about it being part of permanent record. Of course, people will always figure out a way to preserve these images for posterity, but that’s somebody you shouldn’t be snap chatting with in the first place!

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