Free app lets you secure emails & media


Are you concerned about online privacy for yourself or your small business? There’s a new free app that you need to know about.

Wickr is an iPhone app that offers military-level encryption for your emails and media. It lets you control who can see them and for how long. And it deletes them for good, making them completely unrecoverable.

Both the sender and recipient have to be a part of the Wickr community for optimal performance of this privacy app.

An app for Android smart phones is coming soon, according to the website. As the tagline for the app says, “The Internet is forever. Your private communications don’t need to be.”

Wickr works with text messages, pictures, audio, and video. It also erases deleted files for good so they can’t be retrieved by hackers, or even by data forensic experts.

Remember the old Mission: Impossible line about, “This message will self-destruct in five seconds”? Well, now’s your chance to make that a reality in your life!

This could be a perfect solution for situations where privacy is paramount, such as in your private life or if you’re selling a business.

The app’s developers have also come up with technology that eliminates latency where things can be hidden on a device.

Wickr was brought to my attention by one of our web producers. Kate recently got hold of a reconditioned tablet from the manufacturer and was able to see all of the prior owner’s personal info. Being an honest person, she fully rooted the machine and wiped it as clear as she could.

But this free app can go a long way toward solid online privacy of your data.


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