Flat-screen TV prices for Christmas 2011


If you’re shopping for a flat-screen TV this year, you’ll find some screaming deals out in the marketplace. I want to give you some guidance about what price points you’ll encounter this Christmas.

Flat screens have gone from being the hottest electronics item for years to now being a big yawn. Manufacturers have overproduced and the retailers are overstocked, meaning the deals are phenomenal at a time when most people couldn’t care less.

Here’s how the market is shaping up at many retailers:

  • 32-inch screens will be priced at $199. (This size may get steadily cheaper over the next few weeks.)
  • 40-inch screens will be priced at $299.
  • 46 or 47-inch screens will be priced at $399. (Just two years ago, $1,000 was the hot Black Friday price for this screen size!)

One more thing you need to know: Retailers will generally have four price points on each size of TV.

There’s the advertised price point for a no-name brand that’s designed to lure you into the store. Then there are three levels above that and they’ll do everything they can to try to convince why you don’t want the cheapest model.

Avoid the temptation to be “sold up.” The El Cheapo entry price model will work just fine for most people. And don’t buy the warranty!

Meanwhile, you can check DealNews.com to watch the deals as they shape up this holiday season.

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