Fire hazard: iPhone burns hole into notebook


Modern technology is great, but it apparently comes with some safety hazards!

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A new fire danger from the iPhone

You’ve may have heard about the burn threat posed by spontaneously combusting phones or how hoverboards can burst into flames if they’re overcharged or overheated.

Well, here’s a new wrinkle: An iPhone 6 recently overheated and burned through 12 pages of notebook paper. Worse yet, the device was reportedly not charging or even being used at the time of the combustion. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

The image below is from the Cherry Hill (N.J.) Fire Department’s Facebook page.

Remember not to charge your phone under a pillow!

This iPhone 6 episode is reminiscent of a recent tweet from the New York Police Department’s 33rd Precinct that served to remind people about the dangers of leaving their phones under pillows while charging.


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