You can now send money to your friends via Facebook Messenger


Facebook announced this week that its payment feature is now available to anyone in the U.S. The service was first rolled out to a limited group of users, but as of Tuesday, anyone who logs into the Facebook Messenger app can now send and receive cash — in just ‘a few taps.’

A way to making sending money easier

Facebook Messenger is Facebook’s mobile instant-messaging app that allows its more than 700 million monthly users to chat with friends.

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The new mobile payments service allows any user to send money directly to a friend from right inside the platform, just by linking your debit card in your account settings. To send a payment, just start a conversation with another user, tap the payment icon and enter the amount. The money is then transferred immediately from your checking account into your friend’s checking account. The app currently only offers debit card transactions.

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While there’s no doubt the new feature is convenient, is it safe? David Marcus, the company’s vice president of messaging products, posted the announcement on his own Facebook account earlier this week, assuring the service is ‘easy and safe.’ Marcus left PayPal to run Facebook Messenger back in 2014, a hint to the mobile-payments industry that CEO Mark Zuckerberg has big plans for the company’s increasingly popular app.

Mobile payment systems can be vulnerable to security issues in their early stages — Apple Pay being a recent example — so check out Clark’s advice on how to keep your debit card and banking information secure.

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