Existing Sprint customers may be eligible for unlimited data deal


If you’re looking for an unlimited data plan, Sprint’s latest deal is pretty tempting.

The U.S. carrier is currently offering the first line of unlimited data for $50 a month, the second for $40 and lines three, four and five are free.

With the promo rate, you can get five lines for $90 a month through September 2018.

Limited time offer on Sprint Unlimited Freedom

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According to Sprint’s website, the promotional pricing is for new accounts, but the unlimited plan is available to new and current customers.

On Clark’s Facebook page, some Sprint customers have said that’s no way to keep existing customers happy.

As a Sprint customer myself, I called up customer service a few months ago and was denied the $50 a month promotional rate. The representative told me the best offer for current customers was $60 a month.

I didn’t think much about Sprint’s unlimited plan after that until I received this text message from Sprint last Friday:

“Get $10 off your 1st line when you move to Unlimited Freedom. Limited time offer. Call to learn more 844-382-3335.”

Sprint.com text offer $10 off unlimited

I also received an email from Sprint that read, “We think your plan shouldn’t limit data—that’s why we’re giving you a special offer on Unlimited Freedom. Move to our Unlimited Freedom by 9/30 and save $10 on your first line through 9/30/18 when you upgrade to unlimited talk, text and data.”


So, although Sprint’s website says the $50 a month unlimited plan is only for new customers, I was able to contact a Sprint.com chat representative and get the lower rate.

Was this just a targeted offer or is it available to everyone? I can’t say for sure. I reached out to Sprint’s media relations department via email on Friday and haven’t heard back.

In the meantime, you can always call up Sprint to see if you’re eligible for the deal!

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