Eliminate email clutter forever with this new tool


Too much junk in your inbox? There’s a website that will unsubscribe you from unwanted email lists and combine the subscriptions you actually want into one easy email.

I read in Forbes magazine about this service called Unroll.me.

When you sign up for this free service, it first goes through your inbox and finds every subscription you have — whether you realize you were subscribed or not!

Then you are offered the opportunity to say goodbye to unwanted subscriptions, or you can get them combined into what’s called The Rollup, which comes once a day.

The Forbes writer who tried this service discovered she had 300+ email subscriptions. Some 25 of them had no role in her life whatsoever. So she got rid of them, and then she rolled up the remaining 50 into that simple daily email.

Unroll.me is a well thought out organizational tool for your email inbox. You will thank me for having told you about it!

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